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Thank you for considering Super Bounce Inc. for your equipment needs. We hope you find this web site informative and look forward to doing business with you in the future. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality product at very competitive prices. Our products are the result of many years of experience in the cold air inflatable industry. Super Bounce moonwalks are designed to stand up to the punishment of the high volume moonwalk rental business. If they don't work, you don't make money. It's this fact that drives us to produce a product that you can rely on year after year.


Years of experience and testing both cold air advertising balloons, which are up 365 days a year, and inflatable amusement equipment have taught us some very important lessons. Never sacrifice on quality. For this reason we are confident in offering a standard two-year warranty against any flaw in workmanship and materials on all of our new inflatables, and optional extended warranties up to two years for a nominal charge. We can do this because we are confident that our moonwalks are second to none in this department. From our top quality 18 ounce vinyl to our often quadruple stitched and felded seems, our moonwalks are designed to take all the punishment a kid can dish out.


Safety, of course, is important to any business, this is especially true in the children's entertainment business. Moonbounce manufactures around the world have many ideas about how to make a moonbounce as safe as possible. Some of these so-called safety features are actually safety hazards. We at Super Bounce Inc. have researched this issue for many years and have come to these conclusions.


  1. Three sided moonwalks are bad news. This style of moonwalk should not be made, sold or used.
  2. Moonwalks with inflatable sides encourage lateral (side to side) movement and have the potential of causing collisions.
  3. Four sided moonwalks with large front door openings from which children can easily fall out. Some manufacturers have grommets on these openings so you can tie them shut. However, customers tend to untie the doors even if they have been instructed not to.

Our moonwalks all have four walls and a small front door, which helps prevent children from falling out should they fall against the front wall. Moonwalks are a safe, air-cushioned, environment that with proper set up and supervision will provide hours of safe entertainment for any event. Remember there is no substitute for adult supervision and this fact should be stressed whenever a moonwalk is setup.


Portability is what it's all about. Moonbounces have become popular at parties and special events because of their relatively low cost to rent. This is due in large part to their portability and speed at which they can be set up. Setup or take down only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and requires only one person. This along with the fact you can fit at least 5 in the back of a standard pick-up makes them unique to the amusement industry.


At Super Bounce Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service after the sale. Our friendly Representatives will be happy to answer any questions or advise you on marketing strategies.